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JIMMYPWTT fellows we been working at building up the clan for over a few years now and were happy to say we just keep moving along. We hope you share with us what were are trying to do and make this the best clan in the world. It’s not a easy task but when the Champion badge rolls in it makes it all worth it.


 To good to be true MW3 Montage USA Members Join VVyB


Welcome to VVyB



                                Welcome members and visitors of Clan VVyB
Well Ghost came out on November the 5th 2013 and a few weeks into it we leveled up to levle 11 to get the gold clan tag and we did that very quickly. Now a few weeks later and we just finished our 2nd Clan War and We finished 1st in both of those WARS and we are at level 22 with a bunch of cool unlocks. All the members new and veteran are doing a great job getting along and playing their hardest for the clan. Not a bad word to say about anyone except great job to all of you! A image below is a screen shot of one of the clan wars the first one we did and were dominating or have captured 5 nodes/ modes. The last 2 clan WARS we have won with over a 100 point Capture Point Margin from our closest competitior. Well all for now. JIMMY
6 maps taken


Well Three weeks in a row we get a Champion Badge and to say were happy and excited would be a great understatement. Flex and Teddy and all the supports went in one group without our leader JIMMY who couldn’t make it and a bunch went solo and the result was another World Champion. You guys are great. Click on images to see enlarged view of the results. JIMMY/>

champion badge page 10-19

champion 1-7scorers 10-19

5-10 10-19 scorers
11-15 10-19 scorers

We’ll the weekend we been working hard for. We VVyB got Champion of the World Badge in Kill Confirm and listed below are the badge and those that played and made it possible. And to top off the weekend we ended up getting 3rd in TDM on Sunday but it really unofficially was a second but the glithches and so forth in BO2 gave us a 3rd another story for another day. But we are quite happy and everyone in the clan do a great job and want to thank them all. Your a great group Thanks JIMMY

champion clan op

champion scorers

Well a pretty wild weekend for Ops KC on Saturday we got about 3400 confirms maybe enough to win can’t tell and half way through the op it said not Enlisted. Seen this before and usually it works out at the end of the op. Not this time. Sunday we offered whoever got the most kills to make them famous on Youtube. Well JIMMYPWTT won and RH was not to far behind and we ended up with 22nd out of 23,000 clans. So life and times of clan op. Below click on images to enlarge. Thanks to all of you that make this happen.tdm 22 top scorerstdm 22 good



Well this TDM Clan OP goes to Ridged Adrian getting the Most SOLO KILLs in the WORLD with 928 kills all by his lonesome. The Canadian Killer you da man and da Beast.

TDM top scores

tdm 98th


We’ll miracles never cease! We went into this op thinking this was the day to do it. Everyone from Adrian to KUKU and a few new members were waiting with baited breath. Well 2 games into the op we got host booted and was off for the next half hour, bo ho.. Several guys couldn’t get the concept of not grabbing tags and connections problems hit some other players but at the end of the day we ended up with a 5th overall out of 22,000 clans. So great job to everyone that helped weather capping tags or shooting we need all of you to make it happen. Well 2 top 5s in a row and a 3rd before that. Great members doing a great job. JIMMY

kc 5th 8-17

kc top 9-17th  Another great weekend of ops from all the members. Click on image for a better view. Thanks JIMMY

clanop 10th of augtop scorersmore support
Another great weekend of ops from all the members. Click on image for a better view. Thanks JIMMY

clanopkcBlack Ops II 3 of 24795 Clans VVyB
Black Ops II 2800 confirms Aug 3, 2013
Black Ops II
3 Lezuo 435
4 rhf2460 421



Black Ops II July 27,2013 VVyB
Core Kill Confirmed Highest Total Confirms
Black Ops II
9th of 24438 Clans
2 kukuTHC82 457
3 Patsrule99 445
4 rhf2460 369
5 teddybearninja78 324
6 D34DP00L_B34ST17 267



VVyB Modern Warfare 3 Core Team Deathmatch Highest Total Kills

          Gold 1000 Clan XP Earned

 Modern Warfare 3 32nd of 5853 Clans

Jul 14, 2013

VVyB Black Ops IICore Kill ConfirmedHighest Total Confirms
Gold 1000 Clan XP Earned  Black Ops II
23 of 24649 Clans
Black Ops II    1933 confirms
Black Ops II Jul 13, 2013
4 rhf2460 219



VVyB Sun 1/28/ we got 3rd in TDM & Sat 1/27/2013 we did a Kill Confirm on MW3 and got 19th. Come join us if you want to help. Well into January 21st and we did a few clan ops this weekend. We are making a concerted effort to do at least one MW3 Clan Op a weekend. We’ve ended up with a 4th and with another few able bodies we can improve that to a Champion Badge.

December 5th 2012 Well here we are back to the Clan Operations but this time on BO2. Satuday about a hour before the Clan Op was to start JIMMY looks on the Elite Page and there is a Clan Op TDM to everyones amazement.

Well Long story short we ended up with a 7th which we know we were shorted at least 500 kills and we know who played and didn’t. We also know that the clan that got Champion Badge did not get one KILL? Hackers? For a last minute deal the 7th looks good with 2169 kills.

Black Ops II

Player kills TDM  Dec 1st 2012
1 Pricey 198 468
2 I_am _Pirus 414
6  Rambo 271



Sunday Dec 2nd was Kill Confirm. We started out letting everyone go solo. Then we started teaming. We’ll JIMMY was grabbing up tags and ended up with about 500 and the clan ended up with 9th in world. Again we sure the hackers are winning these.  Already the clan leveled up to 7 with those two finishes.
Black Ops II Dec 2nd 2012
2 Ridged Adrian 516
3 shootonsight 362
4 wrechage7 319
5 legn dx 241



HTM~ Top 6: 10/21 HC TDM Championship #1
Player kills
1 TeLeTuBbY_MaN 945
2 xX-_LocKy_-Xx 818
3 shootonsight97 710
4 Cambridge1993 668
6 x_DKF- 466



Welcome to VVyB where you will find a group of warriors called clan members that not only know how to play the game but do it on a consistent basis.

Well Check out this link http://www.eliteleaderboards.com/hall-of-fame.html  This link is no longer active.This will put a smile on your face. Get use to looking at the top of the  page because your going to see us up at the top. Just stating a fact. JIMMY

#1 in The World HTM

Well a nice way to end the weekend with the gold as in Championship badge. I said it before it is a privledge to know and play along side all of you, you make me so proud to be a part of something you don’t always get to be a part of. As I said before M8s Know you can, Think you can, and Feel you can. JIMMY

Tonight on KC Total Score we finished with another 4th place finish with our man locky showing them how to get’er done. That’s US slang fore getting it done. The Canadian Killer Adrian and JIMMY de Kid coming from behind getting top 2 and 3. Then telatubdy, cambridge, and wreckege bringing the team to a well deserved top 4 victory. See results at bottom of this page.

Last night TDM we have the top 6 scorers listed and ended up with forth with over 5000 kills and boom getting 3 MOABS in the first 3 games not to mention more thoughout the clan op. Nice job to all.

On 10/13 in Core Kill Confirm we finished 4th.And hats off to Hunter (JIMMY) getting most confirms and setting new record for clan of 1150 confirms. Last weekend 10/6/12 We got 2nd in Core TDM & Sunday 10/07/12 we got  2nd in Highest Score in Domination.  Not to mention the last clan ops week before these we finished 3rd, 4th, and 4th and the weekend before that 3rd.7th,& 4th. Congratulations to all those who participated in these clan op Your great!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5BTgga9I5Mc” />http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5BTgga9I5Mc” type=”application/x-shockwave-flash” allowfullscreen=”true” width=”480″ height=”385″>httpv://www.youtube.com/user/The1Away?feature=mhee

HTM~ Top 6: Playerkills 5030 Kills 10/19 TDM

1xX-_LocKy_-Xx 1353
2shootonsight97 1266
3boom655655445569 1094 3 MOABS in a row!
4UltraDingyRapidz 473
5Ridged-Adrian 445
6Butteryassaustin 399


History of our clan begins with  VVyB JIMMY leader, mentor, and encourager starting the clan on Elite at the time of MW3. Building it from just himself to about 50 waiting for clan ops to begin. Clan ops began and doing just about every clan op Friday, Sat, and Sundays we leveled up the clan with many other loyal players that still belong to the clan. In August of 2012 we joined forces with clan HTM and JIMMY and Fliiick were leaders for at least 3 months of never any thing less than a top 5 clan op and one Champion badge. You can see on our you tube how this came about. meeting on the battlefield one day with legendary kingatcod69 better known as joshy. On this legendary battle that can be viewed by all was the merging of two great clans separated by a vast ocean of water but joined together with a desire unequaled by any other clan to not only be the best but do it on a regular basis.

After several months of hard work and countless hours of clan preparation VVyB and HTM decided is was time to take a break and go back to our separate clans. Well there’s much more to say and much more to do but much of our time is devoted to our loyal members who spend countless hours working so we in turn have many perks on our website only to be enjoyed by those who deserve it and have earned it. If you would like to learn about how to become a member of this special group you can contact jimmy@jccarpet.com  and he will be glad to see if you have what it takes. This group is not for the weak at heart or high maintenance person.

Stay tuned for the many upcoming and exciting events like live chats, public forums with some of the best players this game has seen. Who knows you might make it  in on one of our YouTube videos (don’t hold your breath).

A well deserved top 2 finish in tonights clan ops. We missed out on the Champion Badge by a mere 150 confirms and 3rd place was just about 50 kills behind us.  So the gaps are getting smaller and smaller. I always did like a good fight. Great job M8s.Thanks to Wizard for jumping in and helping at the last minute with a few cancellations and making the best of the situation. Keep up the good work. JIMMY

HTM~ Top 6: Core Kill Confirm 2nd place 10-26
Player confirms
5 x_DKF- 948 (Wizard)
6 sjengwijk26 896